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About Us

Ocean Map Ltd

A travel agency established in 1984 by Wael AlAbed. My father, served with Syrian Airlines for over 30 years. He was the Regional Manager in Rome, Italy 1964-1968, then moving as Regional Manager to Karachi, Pakistan 1970-1976, then twice UK Regional Manager 1976-1978 & 1980-1983 and Deputy Commercial Director in 1979 before retiring from Syrian Airlines to start up Ocean Map Ltd.

IATA recognised since 1986, Ocean Map pride itself on its history, focus on service, knowledge of the Middle East market and having the best prices in such a competitive market. We hope you try our agency and we believe once you have, you'll be back for more of the best treatment.

Staff Profile
Feras Al Abed – feras@oceanmap.co.uk
Director, and pretty much does everything

Freddy Magdalani – freddy@oceanmap.co.uk
Office Manager handles corporate clients and is a wiz on Exotic locations

Mounir Haddad – mounir@oceanmap.co.uk
Marketing Manager and deals with Iraq and Libyan markets flights, as well as Visa Services & Hotels

Prakash Adhikary – prakash@oceanmap.co.uk
Reservations handles groups and travel agents. He also deals with Indian Sub-continent tickets and recently he has been trained up to do Iraq tickets. Lucky him.

Ania Jadwiszczok – ania@oceanmap.co.uk
Reservations handles all middle east routes and has been focusing on Internet Sales and web development. She is the tech’ie in the office and responsible for Web Marketing.

Khurshid Qureshi – khurshid@oceanmap.co.uk
Accounts handles invoicing and any issues with refunds, please contact him directly.

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Ocean Map Ltd, A name you can trust in the provision of global travel solutions and ticketing services.
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